Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is a wonderful mix of play, relaxation, and challenge. It will improve body strength and flexibility fast and allow you to go deeper into stretches that you may have not been able to in mat yoga. With the assistance of a (low-slung) hammock you will experience the joy of being weightless, taking pressure off your spine, neck and joints, and allowing you to use gravity to achieve new stretches. Aerial Yoga is particularly freeing and healing for your spine and limbs and a highly effective healing art form for your whole body-mind-spirit.


Tina was drawn to Aerial yoga for its playful and strong practice but soon realised how much more accessible yoga poses and inversions were with the support of the hammock; making it an incredibly healing and rejuvenating practice. Keen to share her experience and knowledge with others Tina qualified in Aerial Yoga with local teacher Gillie Sutherland. Together they are looking forward to introducing and sharing the wonderful benefits of anti gravity yoga to Exeter!


4 Week Introduction to Aerial Yoga Course with Tina   

Next Course starts on 5th Jan.

A four week introdution to AERIAL YOGA. Perfect for those who want to build flexibility, strength, improve posture, challenge yourself, try something new and have fun! 

Three  classes to choose from

Wednesdays 19.45 - 21.00

>>>21st Feb - 14th March<<<

Fridays 11.45 - 13.00
>>>23rd Feb - 16th March<<<

10 - 11.15am
>>>24th Feb - 17th March<<<

Location: St Lukes Church Rooms, Exeter.

Cost: £60 to be paid in advance.

Book now by emailing me 👉 👌

Aerial Yoga Open Classes Level 2

Every Saturday 11.30 - 12.45

For those who have completed Level 1, either the four week course, the introduction to aerial yoga workshop or 2 x 1-1 sessions, this is an open class to learn more and play more!  Expect to experience a more fluid flow to the class as well as new challenges. 

Where: St Lukes Church Rooms, Exeter, Countess Wear. 

Cost: £15 per session. 

Book now by emailing Tina 👉


1:1 or Group Sessions

Tina offers one-to-one or two-to-one private tuition sessions which are tailored to your own requirements and abilities. This allows you to go at your own pace, have classes specifically designed to areas you wish to focus on and work on a more in-depth practice or just try it out and see if its for you!

Always available Fridays and Weekends  at St Lukes Church Rooms but i'm flexible and can arrange a time that suits you!

Cost: 60 minutes - £35  90 minutes = £45

(you can split the price and bring a friend!)

£15 per person if three or more.